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Miele Gelato’s online store offers shipping direct from Miele Gelato in New Jersey. Our frozen packages are guaranteed to still be frozen on the day of arrival. Since frozen shipping can be tricky, we’ve carefully optimized our processes over the years to get great results.
Our pints are shipped from Brunswick in enough dry ice to last for their journey. Packages should be opened on the day that they arrive. You should confirm that pints are frozen solid and haven’t begun to thaw before placing them in the freezer. We will replace pints when dry ice problems are promptly reported to us via email at shop@mielegelato.com.

If you or your recipient will not be home on the evening of arrival, please make arrangements to have a neighbor open the package and move the gelato to a freezer.

Pints are shipped on a calendar of selected Wednesdays. This means that they leave our facility on Wednesdays and will arrive to you on a future day. When you place your order, you’ll be able to choose the Wednesday ship date that works best for you or your recipient.

Pint Shipping Details

Pints are shipped on a calendar of selected Wednesdays. This means that they leave our facility on Wednesdays and arrive to you on Thursday or Friday. You will schedule a specific Wednesday on the drop-down menu when ordering.

Shipping cost is $15 to all states.
Shipping time: Typically arrives 1 or 2 days after ship date using UPS Ground.
The UPS driver will typically leave the package at your door without a signature. Packages must be opened and pints should be taken out from the inside box and put in the freezer on the day they arrive. Miele Gelato cannot be responsible for melted pints that are put into a freezer after their arrival date.

Please note that due to COVID-19 and the high volume of global ecommerce packages, UPS sometimes is experiencing delays at their facilities. You should assume that your package could be delayed by one day beyond what is estimated above.

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